Do the inner work, learn high ROI skills, and build a business customers love

Clicks&Copy Incubator is the world’s first 10-week workshop that shows you how to flow from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) in 6 months to 3 years by building as Being (what you truly are) – instead of conditioning (who you think you are) – while working just 4.5 hrs/day.

Who we help

Online entrepreneurs, copywriters, and marketers who’ve taken endless courses, consumed Money Twitter content, and maybe even tried their hand at a few business models, but haven’t made their first $100k profit online.

The problem they're facing

They have plenty of knowledge, but aren’t yet at the level of being that can take them from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) in 6 months to 3 years.

Instead, their conditioning is still running the show and keeps getting in the way, plus consistency is a huge issue (on and off the wagon), toolbox of high ROI skills is light, and they have no clue how to implement the knowledge they have in a systematic way – so they can actually build a real and sustainable cash flow business.

What they think is causing the problem

They haven’t found the right business model yet, hand written enough sales letters yet, learned enough secrets or ‘one weird’ trick(s) yet, sent enough cold emails yet, built enough discipline or willpower yet, found the perfect mentor or guru yet.

What is actually causing the problem

Their conditioned self, it’s worldview, and how it operates. All this is built on falsehood, not truth. Until this underlying issue is fixed and their true identity is restored, they’ll continue to operate with lack, sabotage their own progress, look to others to plug their umbilical cord into and drastically limit the amount of money they’re able to make over the course of their online career.

Even more, they’ll struggle to achieve skill mastery, continue to produce inferior offers, and not have maximum fun on the journey.

Our unique solution

Clicks&Copy Incubator is the world’s first 10-week workshop that combines Inner Work (real spirituality) with Outer Work (real business). We don’t run away from the core inner problem or ignore it like every other program, but address it directly and precisely so you can clean up your inner world, get in touch with the truth of who you are and the qualities that make up your nature, and from that place flow effortlessly and spontaneously to build a business customers love (using our proven processes and frameworks that we’ve used to build everything from businesses generating $50k/days to personal brand with 25k+ followers to leading ClickBank brands in all types of niches).

To put it simply, we show you how to build as Being (what you truly are aka the King) – instead of conditioning (what you currently think you are aka the Peasant Personality) – while working just 4.5 hours/day. This is a radically different way to build and it’s what makes all the difference because it’s in alignment with the truth of you and reality, not falsehood.

How it works

The Incubator is your ally for life and gives you everything you need to break free internally and externally.
  • Workshop: Three Phases. 10-weeks total. On/Off approach (one week on for learning, one week off for implementation)
  • Phase One: Inner Work – We deprogram the parts of your Inner World that are currently sabotaging you and getting in your way, leading to lacklustre business results. Moreover, we switch your identity from who you think you are (conditioned Personality) to who you actually are (Being/Presence) and leverage freedom practices to reclaim your lost inner treasures (this alone is life changing and worth the entire course of the workshop). Then, we teach you how reality actually works, how to align with it, and the most advanced way to manifest real results. There is zero dogma here, woo-woo noise, or bullshit. Everything is experiential and can be verified and proven by your own experience.
  • Phase Two: High ROI Skill Mastery & The Business Build – We reveal how we personally construct high converting offers, write copy, attract traffic, and build high converting funnels. Then we work with you to help create these elements for your own business. All the processes, frameworks, pillars we use are unique to our agency and based on a deeper understanding of human nature (and what people actually want) than you’ll find in any marketing or psychology book. This is what allows us to consistently produce content, offers, and marketing that customers love. Now you too will have the juice and know the proven 5-step process we leverage to build irresistible cash-flow businesses.
  • Phase Three: Execution + Scaling – We reveal the Daily Execution System you can use to design your life consciously and operate your business while working just 4.5 hour/daily (even though we work just 4.5 hours… we do it in a way that equates to 9 real hours, but you’ll discover that in due time). Then we get into the Scaling System which shows you how to go from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) in 6 months to 3 years (consisting of the daily levers, problems and solutions for each stage, and how to think/strategize/scale the right way)
  • Comprehensive Audit – After you’ve constructed your offer and built your marketing elements, we’ll audit it for you and provide detailed feedback. What’s right, what’s wrong, what to fix, how to fix it, all that gold will be provided.
  • Circle Community Group – Building alone gets lonely. That’s why we have the Circle Group. Inside this group, you can interact with fellow Incubator members, ask questions, network, and shoot the shit. We have a very real and passionate community that shares the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. All is welcome. No hiding or pretending. Just pure realness.
  • Accountability & Support – When it comes to both the Inner and Outer Work, we don’t leave you to do the work by yourself. Instead, we work together as a group. This means you’ll be paired up with other members and we’ll hold one another accountable, plus make Real Friends. This is why this is a Workshop, not a typical course.
  • Q&A Calls – Hop on a call, ask questions, get your ads, offer, traffic sources critiqued or take part in breakout room exercises to do the Inner Work (or simply do nothing and just attend for the vibe!). All recordings posted inside the Group.
  • Special BONUSES – You’ll also get 37 back issues of the Tej Dosa Letter, 6 Figure Promotions, and Consciousness Accelerator free when you join the Incubator. I give you everything because the objective is to help you win, no point in charging you extra or upselling you. I want all the goods in your hands, so you win. Period.
  • Lifetime Access – You get all future versions free and are a member for life.

What it makes possible

Over the course of the Clicks&Copy Incubator Workshop, you’ll be able to go from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) in 6 months to 3 years and do it by building as being, not conditioning. Plus, you’ll build a toolbox of high ROI skills (copy, sales, offer, traffic, productivity) that stays with you for life.

What new members are saying

Why it works

When it comes to succeeding online (or with anything), it’s just a matter of fulfilling The Success Equation:
The Right Level Of Being (intrinsic qualities/traits/ways of being that are essential for success) + Proven Process (skills/frameworks) + Support/Accountability (assistance/coaching from somebody who has done it)

Do that and you win. Unfortunately, most courses only cater to the last two components, ignoring one’s level of being altogether. This is why most courses have a very low success rate. People who have the right level of being take these courses and win (small minority), but the vast majority don’t get anywhere because the vast majority don’t have the right level of being. Up till now, it was thought that one’s level of being was habitual and fixed and couldn’t be changed, you either have the right level of being or you don’t.

But that’s only because the entire market is still operating under the rules of conditioning. When we live the conditioned life, we’re stuck with the traits and familiar patterns of our personality (and these are very difficult if not impossible to break).

Good news is it doesn’t have to stay this way.

One of the biggest innovations the Incubator brings forward is it reveals how what we’re taking ourselves to be (personality) isn’t the truth of what and who we are. Instead, our real nature is infinitely more powerful, free, and the source of the success qualities we need. As a result, we leverage certain freedom practices through Phase One: Inner Work to get back in touch with our real nature (Being) which thus puts us back in touch with the lost qualities that are essential for success and life itself.

After we do that, then we move onto Phase Two and Three that’s carefully designed to fulfill the other two components of the Success Equation (with these parts, we don’t rely on theory or knowledge, but focus on pure practicality and proven systems that have been honed for the past 5 years – live demos, breakdowns, case studies, step-by-step processes and systems).

This is why this works, we’ve truly thought through everything, solved the biggest to the smallest problems, and put it together all simply and concisely so you can follow it with ease.

How to get started

I’m not one to sugarcoat the price or hide it. This is a transformative experience and not for everybody. Please don’t join if you’re not ready to change. The investment for creating real change in your level of being, skills, and finances is no small feat and requires a fee of $3k USD.

If you have questions and/or you’re wondering if this is a good fit for you, then you can schedule a call to chat with us (pick a day and time below). If you’re ready, you can hit the enroll now button below. Once you enroll, you’ll be onboarded, added to the community group, and given access to the workshop portal where we’ll kick start week one.