Musing 07: power vs force

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Musing 07: power vs force

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Subject: Musing 07: Power vs. Force

Everybody is busy counting the $$$s in their bank account…

And the # of likes on their social profiles…

But nobody is counting if what they’re doing is even worth it.

How do you do that?

By asking yourself:

On any given day, how much joy am I experiencing?

Hustle and entrepreneurship culture tells you you’re an entitled piece of shit…

And you don’t deserve joy until you succeed.

Not directly, but subtly.

They engrave it in the programming.

And it’s not just hustle and grind culture. It’s every culture. There’s an invisible string running through the culture that conditions you to believe joy comes after success. Joy comes after riches. Joy comes after you bring your wildest dreams to life (and if you don’t have those things, you don’t deserve to feel those empowering states).

So you push off good vibes…

And pick up stress and anxiety instead. Once you do, you go from moving with the flow of life to “forcing” life. And by forcing life, you create resistance. And heartache. And misery. And frustration.

Which of course makes your life a living hell…

… and the pursuit of success tough, difficult, and downright miserable.

“Maybe this is what it takes to succeed…” you think.

And you’re right and wrong.

Because there’s two ways to play the game of life.

With power and force.

Force creates unnecessary resistance.

Power creates flow.  

With force comes pain and suffering.

With power comes lift off.

Maybe not on the first go…

Maybe not on the 100th go…

But if you approach your days with high energy, joy, power, happiness and abundance, then the lift off comes sooner than later.

If you approach your days with force, anxiety, frustration, heartache and suffering, then the lift off takes forever to come (if at all) because you keep getting in your own way…

… and if it ever does come… it doesn’t give you what you want. But leaves an even bigger hole inside (been there, done that).

By playing the game with force, you’re only chasing your own shadow.

By playing the game with power, you can laugh your way to the top of the world because you don’t need anything (which makes it 100% easier to acquire everything).

So I said all that to say this…

99% of what the masses think, do and say is bullshit.

When everybody is doing x, do y.

The world is caught in a rut. They’re all delaying and pushing off joy and love and power and good vibes until tomorrow because deep down they think they’re not enough and don’t deserve it (so they chase achievements in an attempt to make themselves feel worthy).

But here’s the funniest thing…

It’s 100% easier to achieve things when you operate from a high energy/feel good state.

So I ask you…

Have you unconsciously bought the “joy comes after success” lie?

Have you unconsciously been punishing yourself and creating unnecessary suffering?

Have you unconsciously been limiting your own joy and dimming the lights on your life because you’re not x (rich, fit, healthy, happy, extroverted, enlightened, etc.) enough?

To figure this out, just ask yourself:

How much joy on average do you feel per day?

And maybe just maybe start paying greater attention to this metric…

And actively increasing it…

For what good is gaining the world…

If you remain lifeless inside?

(Or worse… God forbid… but let’s say your life ends sooner than expected – before you were able to bring your BIG dreams to life. Do you really want to go out knowing you missed out on so much joy because you kept delaying and pushing it off till later? I used to do this. Then I had a near death experience (really bad alcohol poisoning) at 16/17 and realized “Ahhhhh fuck, I’ve been playing the game of life entirely wrong!” From then on, I changed my outlook. And that changed everything!)


P.S. Greatest lie ever told is you need a reason to be happy/joyful, so people spend their entire life collecting reasons.

Fuck that.

Joy is your natural state. Like a childs. You’ve just put so much bullshit conditions over your true state that you’ve been running around chasing that which you already are.

Learn to be joyful for no reason (if you attach feel good emotions to reasons, then it’s conditional and since life is full of change the state won’t last. If you attach feel good states to no reason, you can be those states in good times and bad).

Ironically that’s when “success” comes and finds you.

P.S.S. Here’s a good video about why you should focus on increasing your joy metric if you desire $$$s and the good life. Move up your consciousness levels to move up your life.

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