Musing 10: It’s rigged – everything, in your favor

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Musing 10: It’s rigged – everything, in your favor

New musings go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM PST. To subscribe, go here:

Subject: Musing 10: It’s rigged – everything, in your favor

A man is seated in his living room. Next to his friend.

They decide to watch a movie.

Before the movie starts, the man reaches into his pocket.

Pulls out a tab of acid and takes it.

His friend stays sober.

The movie begins. Both watch.

One through the limited five senses, the other through the totality of consciousness.

But it doesn’t really matter.

For half way through the movie, the character’s in the movie stop what they’re doing. And the friend stops, too.

They both turn to look at the man on acid and speak the same thing at the same time with the same urgent tone:

“It’s all your dream. It’s all happening inside you. It’s all happening for you. Everything you perceive, me, the character’s in the movie, the house, the world is all designed to assist in your awakening. We’re all just playing our role and here to help you wake up. So wake up from the sleep of life or continue to suffer, as you take the unreal to be real!!”

The words hit the man on acid like a truck. He suddenly jolts awake. Experiencing more light and clarity.

As he does, the laughter of the Universe flows through his belly and out into the abyss of the night.

“How could I have taken it all so seriously?”

He asks himself like an innocent and naive child does after waking up from a nightmare.


Shortly thereafter, the acid fades away. The man returns to his normal waking consciousness, but with a new perspective that feels fresh yet faintly familiar at the same time, like an old lover.

Immediately he walks over to his friend and tells him what he experienced and how the friend is “in on it”… always has been, always will be. Immediately he rushes to replay the movie he was watching with the characters who too were “in on it” … always had been, always will be.

But to his surprise, he’s met with resistance.

“WTF are you talking about?” replies the friend. “Sounds like some trip you had!” he says again with the type of laughter that makes the man question his sanity.

“No, I can prove it! Here look at this scene…” he says while forwarding the movie to the exact scene he experienced so vividly just a moment ago.

But yet again, he’s met with resistance for the characters in the movie no longer seem to be in on it, but just acting out their normal role inside the movie. Like they had always done.

“Dude! It was just the acid!” Replies his sober friend while looking at him with concerned eyes now.

The man runs his face through his hands. “I guess you’re right…” he replies with a disoriented look of confusion.


That night, the man went to bed early, but didn’t sleep.

He couldn’t sleep.

For what he saw and what he experienced seemed realer than real, a gazillion times realer than the life he came back too.

But nobody believed him. Nobody seemed in on it anymore. The universe seemed once again to be cold and dead and separate and random and dare I say ‘meaningless’.

Yet he couldn’t let it go. There was something there. The most precious thing he could ever know.

So he tried to hold on. Night after night.

Reading book after book by the Mystics of the world.

But to no avail.

For as the nights turned to day and time continued to pass mixed with the stressors and responsibilities of daily life, the experience itself started to seem like a distant dream and he too couldn’t remember if it had actually happened.

“Maybe it was just the acid after all!” he said. “Maybe I just imagined it.”

And as he said those words, he rationalized away the experience – dismissing all the mystery and awe and wonder and possibility that came with it.

Then he let out a long yawn, felt the allure of sleep overtaking him, and a few seconds later slipped back into the sleep (aka the dream) of life.

Never to be woken up again.

Your friend,


p.s. WTF did you just read? Hahaha Who the F knows. Had no intention of writing this. I was just vibing out, chilling in my kitchen. But then got a random urge. A random inkling. A random image with the contents of this email flash before my eyes. So I ran (literally) like a kid with joy, grabbed my laptop, opened up a google doc, and wrote and wrote and wrote. Then hit publish. With no edits for some things are too real to be dimmed and polished.

p.s.s. don’t do acid kids (never personally done it), fall in love with reality instead for it is the greatest trip.

p.s.s.s. When you get the itching that there’s more to life and there’s more to you, keep the flame alive. Please. For who knows if the flame will be lit again. Or when.

p.s.s.s.s. “It’s rigged – everything, in your favor. So there is nothing to worry about.” ~ Rumi

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