Musing 14: NEW Approach (12 months in the making)

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Musing 14: NEW Approach (12 months in the making)

New musings go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM PST. To subscribe, go here:

Subject: Musing 14: NEW Approach (12 months in the making)

Hey, I just got done putting together more information about the new Clicks&Copy Incubator Workshop.

If you’re not familiar with the back story, here’s some key points:

  • I’ve been in this space for the last 3 years and have watched countless people read all the marketing books/courses, consume endless Money Twitter content, and even try their hand at a few different business models, but they haven’t still made their first $100k profit online
  • They think it’s because they may not know enough, have the right mentor or guru, or aren’t fit for the type of success they seek
  • But from my own experience, it’s not any of those things
  • Instead, the root cause of their problem is their conditioned self, it’s worldview, and how it operates
  • More specifically, the habitual and familiar patterns of their conditioned self (personality/character) is the only thing standing in the way of them and the success they seek
  • Unfortunately, 99.99% of courses and programs out there operate strictly in the world of conditioning and think it’s impossible to create real change in a person’s level of being (which is true in the conditioned world)
  • But what I’ve discovered from my 10+ year deep dive into spirituality is that what we’re taking ourselves to be (conditioned personality/character) isn’t the truth of who and what we are
  • Instead, our real nature is infinitely more powerful, free, and the source of all the success qualities we need to break through
  • As a result, I’ve been hard at work for the past 12 months putting together the world’s first Inner Work and Outer Work workshop that could experientially help people work directly on their level of being, clean up their inner world, align with their true identity and then from that place learn high ROI skills such as copy, offers, traffic, funnels and use all that gold to design a business that customers love (the later part on high ROI skills + biz build is just as important as the inner work)
  • A cash flowing business that takes them from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) in 6 months to 3 years – which is a very realistic timeframe.
  • And between me and you? I think I’ve done it.
  • Not because that’s in my best interest to say, but because it’s genuine since nothing gives me more life than working directly on people’s inner world, making a real changes, seeing them light up with the mother of all ah-ha insights, and then from that place arming them with a toolbox of high ROI skills they can use to consciously build a business customers love.
  • This is the approach I started to experiment with on the previous Clicks&Copy University (no longer available) students and saw people from all walks of life breakthrough both internally and externally – quitting their jobs, making their first $100k online (and well beyond that number), and becoming real entrepreneurs who could stand on their own two feet (and no longer needed me whatsoever – which was the most important part to me)
  • But something was missing. Not everybody was transforming and that’s because the Inner World Practices weren’t made available. It was more “trust what I say”, less “put x to the test yourself and experientially get it/prove it for yourself”.
  • Now we’ve fixed that in a BIG way, plus combined it with the cutting edge direct response frameworks and systems we’ve perfected over the course of the last 5 years for writing high converting copy, creating irresistible offers, generating traffic, building funnels, and scaling businesses (from ones that generate $50k days to others that have become leading brands on ClickBank) and have put it all together in three easy Phases that anybody who is ready to create real change can follow to break free both internally and externally

All this has been quite exciting for me and the members have been loving it (really amazing and committed people) – just peep this recent post inside the Community:

(Name and photo blurred to protect privacy)

The reason I bring all this up? We’re currently opening up a few more call slots for the month of February so if you want to go from L1 ($0-$3k/mo) to L2 ($10k-$30k/mo) to L3 ($50k-$100k/mo) by building as Being (what you truly are) – instead of the Conditioned Personality (what you think you are) – while working just 4.5 hours a day…

Then you may want to grab one of the available call spots on our calendar to talk and see if this is right for you?

OR if you’ve been patiently waiting to join (TY, appreciate you!), then you can now enroll directly into the Incubator (without the call) and meet your fellow Incubator members, plus get started with Week One in just a few minutes.

For all the details, go here.

Your friend,


PS: FULL transparency: This is the only workshop (not a course, we work together as a group) that tackles your business problems by doing both the inner and outer work (combining real spirituality with real business building). It’s based on pure practicality and what has worked for me, plus others I’ve shared this with. With that said, however, I’m only interested in keeping your money if this works for you. If you put everything to the test and it doesn’t, I don’t want it. Only fair, don’t you think?

If so, and you’re ready to transform internally and externally like you never thought possible, then this might just be what you’ve been waiting for:

Click here to learn more?

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