Musing 16: I pay you $225 if you don’t succeed.

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Musing 16: I pay you $225 if you don’t succeed.

New musings go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM PST. To subscribe, go here:

If somebody came up to me and said: 

“Tej, I’m strapped for $$$ and I want to learn this online money making game, but don’t want to spend a lot of time on BS and instead just want 1 or 2 resources I can double down on, what would you suggest?”

I’d tell them: 

1. Follow the 6-step manifestation formula like your life depends on it.

2. Enroll in 6 Figure Promotions

If you apply BOTH diligently for 6 months and you have proof of your efforts (no half assing, consistent execution) and you’re not making money online, then email me and I’ll not only return the $225, but I’ll also send you ANOTHER $225 on top for wasting your time. 

That’s the promise I’d make not only to them, but to ANYBODY (including you) who would take me up on it because I know what will happen if they actually apply both. 

I get emails about it daily. 

People going from knowing nothing and making $0 to making more than their parents (combined)..

At ages of 18 or 19. Quite wild. 

Other people with corporate careers using these resources to break free and invent a new life, the life they always could sense, but never thought possible for them (outside their grasp). 

So that’s why I can confidently make this promise.

And even better?

You don’t even have to pay me the $225 if you don’t want to.

You can pay ANY charity of YOUR choice and I’d still make you this deal.

Think about what this means.

Either you learn a high ROI skill, how to bend reality, and hone your client attraction skills and start making money online OR you get $225 (free). 

Why wouldn’t you say yes to this deal? 

Nothing to lose, only unlimited upside. 

If you want to take me up on this deal, you can use this link:

Your friend, 


PS: You may be wondering: “If I pay the $225 to charity and you receive $0, what do you get out of this, Tej? Why take on this “risk” when you don’t even get anything in return?” 

And I understand why you would think that.

But I do get something in return… 

I get to witness another mothafucka break free. 

And that to me will always be worth the risk. For if I have to lose a couple hundred bucks to free a couple thousand more people – so be it! 

PSS: Please don’t let the little sum of $225 misguide you. The investment is small, but people have turned this little sum into multiple six figures… some even seven figures. 

And they did it with risk – not knowing if 6FP was actually going to deliver the goods or just be yet another BS rehashed course that you could’ve found in a $10 book on Amazon (spoiler alert: it’s an original).

But now you have the opportunity to do it at not only zero risk, but positive risk – meaning even if you lose, you win. 

Deal or no deal? 

I can’t tell you what to do, but I know what I would do.

Talk about a no-brainer… (Unbiased Tej Voice

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