Musing 19: The real cause of laziness (and the highest secret for maximizing performance)

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Musing 19: The real cause of laziness (and the highest secret for maximizing performance)

New musings go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM PST. To subscribe, go here:

Subject: Musing 19: why you’re lazy (and how to effortlessly become a high performer) 

I don’t know if this will make any sense to you. But we’ll see… for it’s just an experiment and I too am learning how to communicate this realization in a clear, fresh, and simple way as I write. 

So let’s see what happens? 

Okay to begin, I want you to do yourself a small favor… I want you to move your hand in whichever direction you want. 

Please do it for this must be experiential – otherwise there’s no point in reading this musing (or any other musing). 

Done? Thank you. 

Now I want you to bring to mind something you’ve been procrastinating on, something you’ve been lazy about. Could be a project. Could be a workout. Could be an admin task (F tax season). 

Again, please do it. 

Got it? Thank you. 

Now I present to you an INSIGHT that at first may appear quite crazy and out there, but if you keep reading… you’ll see why it’s not and actually very true (and in this you’ll find the real secret to high performance).

Down to go on this adventurous journey with me?

Okay here’s my insight:

There is fundamentally zero difference between the act of raising your hand and doing whatever task you’re procrastinating on. The only difference is in your identification and this false identification is the root cause of your (and mine) shitty performance. 


When I told you to raise your hand, you did it naturally and purely – without viewing it through the lens of the separate doer. 

But when it comes to the task you’re procrastinating on, you’re perceiving that task through the lens of the separate doer. 

As a result: 

The separate doer feels a lot of pressure, emotion, heaviness, stress, anxiety, agitation, strain and thus all these feelings (and more) are now creating the distorted lens in which you’re viewing the task through. 

So naturally you resist it, you fight it, you don’t want to do it. 

The issue is not the task (the task is simple → send x email, talk to x person, submit x file, perform x movement with the body), it is the false identification with the separate doer (that actually doesn’t exist in objective reality) that is the source of your laziness. 

“What the F does all that mean, Tej?!” 

I know. I know. It’s a LOT to take in. 

But let’s simplify, my friend. Let’s simplify:

How do we simplify? By asking ourselves a few questions (to again make this experiential).

Here are those questions:

  • Who raises and sets the sun? 
  • Who makes water fall out of the sky? 
  • Who makes grass grow?
  • Who makes a child’s little body grow into an adult body?
  • Who digests the food you eat?
  • Who heals a cut on your body?
  • Who breathes for you when you go to sleep?  
  • Who wakes you up in the morning?
  • Who puts you to sleep at night?
  • Who makes death happen?
  • Who makes birth happen?
  • Who makes a child in the womb grow?
  • Who makes the thoughts inside your head appear?
  • Who turns a seed into a beautiful tree?
  • Who makes the entire world flow?

If you ask yourself each of these questions sincerely and from a place of wanting to know the truth, then you’ll quickly discover that there is an intelligence, a power inherent to life that makes all the above happen. 

In other words, you as in the character don’t make the above happen.

The intelligence inherent to Life does. 

(If you don’t believe me, try to digest your own food. You obviously cannot do it because something much more powerful does it for you.) 

Following thus far? 

Okay, good. 

Next insight:

This intelligence is the same intelligence. It is the same force, the same power that moves through everything and anything. Meaning, the same intelligence that sets the sun, digests your food for you. Same intelligence that makes a natural disaster happen is the same intelligence that breathes for you while you sleep at night. 

In other words: This intelligence is the source of all action, the source of all performance, the source of spontaneous creativity, the source of all doing, the source of all movement and transformation.

There’s nothing and nobody else doing anything, but this intelligence. 

It manifests through you, through me, through the tree, through the dog, through the ant, through the butterfly. 

Making the entire world flow as One. 

(For now you’ll just have to take my word on this, but if you go down the rabbit hole and explore for yourself you’ll eventually get to this realization on an experiential level.)

And this intelligence acts effortlessly. 

Watch a seed grow, watch the sun set, watch the stars shine, watch a bird fly in the sky, watch a lion move. 

Effortless performance. High performance. 

But when it comes to us humans, we unknowingly create a huge issue for ourselves that acts as a barrier to this effortless high performance (that’s available every single fucking moment). 

What’s the issue? 

At a certain age, we unconsciously disconnect from this pure intelligence and give birth to the separate character that we take ourselves to be. 

Through identifying with the separate character/doer, we cut ourselves from the intelligence to the point that we don’t even know it exists. 

Instead, we falsely assume that we are the source of action.

If I want something done, then I must do it. 

If I want to achieve my goals, then I must take action.

If I want to make money online, then I must write the copy. 

The “I” we identify with is not the pure intelligence, but the separate doer. 

What this results in is ultimately: 

The separate doer taking on the job/responsibility of the pure intelligence (the character trying to play God). 

Now the separate character thinks and believes that “it” has to be the one that moves mountains in order to make something happen. 

But the issue with this? 

The separate doer actually doesn’t exist like we think it does. 

Instead, all that exists is the pure intelligence. 

So when the separate doer takes itself to be the source of action, the separate doer cannot help, but start feeling strain, heaviness, frustration, stress, anxiety, agony, helplessness. 

Because it cuts itself off from the pure intelligence and is now trying to do the job of the pure intelligence (and that’s A BIG FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY), but in actuality it cannot do anything because it doesn’t really exist in reality, but more so just as a physic structure (this is why the separate character cannot grow itself, cannot digest its own food – instead it just happens through the pure intelligence because that’s all there is).

As a result:  

Through this false identification/separation from pure intelligence, we sabotage ourselves. We grow heavy and stressed because the burden is too great to carry. 

And rightfully so.

All the stuff we have to do to realize our dreams?

Seems so massive because we think we are the ones who have to make it happen. As a result, we grow lazy, procrastinate, suffer, and wear the lines of stress because it legit feels like we have to move mountains…

… and it’s too big of a job for the separate character.

For the separate character cannot actually do anything in reality. 

This is why we have shit performance, my friend. 

It’s not because of the task, it’s because instead of letting the pure intelligence act through us. We block it by identifying with the separate character and lose all our true power in the process by ultimately taking matters into our own hands. 

And you know what that delivers, right?

The only thing that it can deliver: FAILURE & FRUSTRATION (the same failure and frustration you’re bound to feel if you go your entire life trying to digest your own food. It cannot be done).

So how can you undo this process? 

The answer is very simple: You must experientially see the truth yourself, experientially see how the pure intelligence is doing everything, let go of the identification with the separate doer, and align back with the inherent intelligence of life. 

Once you do, the same intelligence that raises the sun… starts to use your fingers to write your copy and build your business. Starts to use your mouth to speak the right words. Starts to use your body to move in a healthy and optimized way. And when it does, you cannot help but say to yourself: 


While feeling all the awe and wonder in the world.

For all this time, you had access to the most powerful, the most intelligent, the most spontaneous, the most creative force in the entire Universe, but all this time you were disconnecting yourself from it by trying to do its job for it by identifying with the separate doer. 

This is like playing the game of life with a power 10 character when you could’ve played it at a power 100000000000000000 LEVEL.

So that’s the answer, my friend. That’s what it takes.

But the PROCESS of actually arriving at this realization yourself on an experiential basis… requires more work. It’s rigorous, it requires you to do the real work on your consciousness, it requires you to see through your distortions and false programming and open back up to truth. 

If it could be done through this email, trust me… I would’ve delivered the goods. But it cannot. So how can you allow this to happen?

2 options:

1) Clicks&Copy Incubator Workshop

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Whereas the latter is more spirit specific/deeper dive (it’ll show you what reality is, who you fundamentally are, how you’ve become disconnected, and the practices you can follow to reconnect with truth again). 

Either way, you’ll get the gold you need. 

For more, you can visit the links above or schedule a call to discover what option is right for you (both options come with a MBG: this either works for you, or you don’t lose a penny). 

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If not, keep on living as you’re living. All good, my friend. All good. 

No pressure or judgment (as always) – for we’re all just learning as we grow and I too didn’t know any of this until I experienced it.

Your friend,


p.s. The real mind-fucking realization occurs when you realize the pure intelligence is who and what you fundamentally are. But we’ll save that craziness for another email. Enough mind-fucking for one day. We got to respect the refractory period now hahahaha.

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